A-Tech IT Services at a Glance

A-Tech IT Services LTD UK was established in 2010 in London, UK initially with a motive to establish an IT Company by providing the one stop IT solution for business clients. It’s starting days has bee a real success story for a relatively new professionals.

With the passage of time the focus of the team has been shifting towards specialization out of a very vast Information Technology industry.

Along with corporate solutions we also provide Digital Marketing Services. We provide SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Brand Building on Internet, Display Advertisement, Video Marketing and Content Marketing. We provide targetted advertisement solution with partnership of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook. We also have inhouse inventory to broadcast digital message.

About 32N  Co

We boast of bringing over a decade of experience of end-to-end planning and optimization services to aspiring businesses. Whether it is an idea in your head that needs to realization or improving efficient utilization of existing resources to maximize returns, we have got a track record of working with SME enterprises in establishing and improving on their performance in the areas of operations, finance and marketing.

Over these years, we have developed a satisfied and loyal client base that continues to expand. Over the years, we have have been advising businesses in both manufacturing and services sectors. We have served businesses ranging from fast food chains, FMCG wholesalers and retailers, sports goods manufacturers exporters, automobile parts manufacturers, tourism operators among others.